Meet Micaiah.

Lilyan JamesComment

In our latest Q&A, we look to the next generation of creatives. Meet Micaiah, a new-to-Nashville, Detroit native who is making her mark .

Where does your story begin?

M: Full transparency, my story began with a long of hurt. A lot of trauma and a past that was difficult for me to grow with. My past has really played a huge role in my work, especially my writing. It's helped me to ask hard questions and be okay if the answers aren't what I want. I can honestly say I am grateful for difficult beginnings because it's taught me to be a source of peace for others and grace for myself.

Where are you now? Where do you think your story is headed?

M: My story now is in a very transitional place. It feels like one of those stages where everything happening is intentional and with care. I've started saying no to things that don't resonate with my mind and creativity. And started to say yes to projects and ideas that before seemed out of reach. I think my story is headed in a direction of really fine tuning that which makes me an artist and letting myself grow within that world.


What is self-discovery to you?

M: Self discovery to me looks like vulnerability and asking tonnnns of questions. The ability to expose yourself to yourself and understanding why you work the way you are is huge. Learning how to question your own reactions and mindset is such an integral part of growth. I truly believe it is the most difficult but the most rewarding!


What are the first steps taken to discover your self . . . does it lead to your own path?

M: The first step to discovering myself was probably acceptance. It took a long time for me to finally become comfortable with my problems and confident in my strengths. Walking this journey has taught me the value in knowing when to sit with yourself and take it day by day. Intentional stillness is something that has allowed me to really breathe and give myself room to just be before pushing myself to become.

What do you feel most passionately about right now? Why?

M: Right now I'm super pumped about moving forward! For me that looks like new projects, new stories and big decisions. I'm excited to really hone in on what I love to create and impart to people I come in contact with. It's been a long time coming and it's amazing to feel ready to share with the world who I am and what got me there.


Photography: EEsome Co