What You Love: With Angela Allen

Lilyan JamesComment

"I’ve always been creative, but fine art wasn’t on my radar. I never thought I could be an artist. I just had my heart set on living an extraordinary and beautiful life."

--Angela Allen


Meet Angela Allen, an artist living in Nashville.
We met at her downtown loft to discuss
that kind of love you only find in pursuing work that you enjoy.


What do you love about your work?

A: I love capturing beautiful moments on paper & canvas. I love the way the materials take on a life of their own and the imperfect details that emerge.  I love what I learn about myself in the process. And I love seeing my work become part of someone else’s space.


In the pursuit of what you love, what do most people not realize?

A: Most people don’t realize the amount of time I spend developing my eye, honing my aesthetic, and reading about other painters, designers, architects, jazz musicians, and the art world.



What are the other things in life that you love?

A: I love nights at home, traveling, architecture, fashion, classic films, watching sports with my husband, dessert, museums, city life.

Why is your work worth loving? What keeps you coming back?

A: My work is worth it because experiencing people respond to art (and my art at that) makes every moment of doubt disappear. Seeing my work in the context of a beautiful space and how it punctuates other interior details.


Art: Angela Allen
Photography: EESome Co


Lilyan JamesComment

In 2017, Lilyan James was awarded the AMAX Brand Builder by AMAX Talent and Creative, in partnership with The Nashville Fashion Alliance. The campaign was shot to reflect the Lilyan James woman, who shows up in every setting completely, unabashedly herself.


759 copy.jpg

Photography: Hannah E. Burton
Styling: Courtney Kivela and Chappell Laird Gaw
Beauty: Alyssa Kraus
AMAX Model + Talent: Emily Sandberg, Jiri Braxton, Jacqueline Sullivan, Ellen Beth Williams
Film: Rachel Deeb

Lilyan James x Goodwin

Lilyan James

I move often. (12 times in the last 10 years) So, when Elise Joseph of Goodwin asked to shoot images of my current Nashville home it felt like a way to document another space representing a phase of life.

This home came together differently than any other. Instead of starting my process online, I went back to pieces that mean something to me. An old vase from my grandmother, photos of my sisters and I dancing on the front porch of the house my parents built, and my dad's straw hat hanging on the wall. They are things you cannot find anywhere else (or online) and maybe no one else would buy them . . . but they mean something to me.

I love that our current world allows us to be so connected and see what we wouldn't otherwise, but I also regret that in some ways it leads to more replication than originality. I have lived many places, but this is the first one in a while that has truly felt like my home.

For the full interview with images by Chelsea O'Leary, visit Goodwin's Journal.